Okay. So yesterday, all my RyDon feels went down to the drain and through the pipelines until it reaches the septic tank.

Brendon and Sarah got married yesterday.

So I know it’s delusional of me to actually think that my OTP (they were true at one point in time although they’ve never really admitted it! The proof you need is right here: http://whisperdlullaby.livejournal.com/9051.html) Link not mine, btw.

But I know that I must accept this as a fan. No, Brendon doesn’t need permission from his fans to get married. Sheesh. What I’m saying is that we must face what’s in front of us and move forward. I’m pretty sure that when RyDon died out, Brendon must’ve been heartbroken (from the heartbroken tweets he mentioned) until he met Sarah, and she must be one heck of a girl for Brendon to marry her.

And just look at Ryan… he doesn’t seem to care (based from his Twitter account) but I’m open to  a lot of ideas. XD Jk. Although I still had my hopes up that RyDon would exist once again, I think that it’s pretty vague for that to happen since Brendon got married. Acceptance, acceptance.

So my RyDon feels are all crushed. But at least Brendon’s happy and Ryan’s… still alive(?) XD But I hope this part would be like, the climax of the story and then there would be a falling action where–okay, I should stop now. Must accept the facts!!

I don’t think I should say it if I mean it with a half-heart, but because I’m willing to accept what’s before me (and it will take me quite a while to process this), but anyway, congratulations Brendon & Sarah. 🙂 Hope you guys are happy!



So recently, I’ve noticed that fans of a local boy band in the Philippines are fighting against local and international fans of K-Pop in general, mainly because I used to be obsessed with K-Pop and most of the people whom I follow on Twitter are fans of the said genre.

This saddens me.

Music is supposed to be about peace, love and having fun, but the two parties aren’t really doing the whole “peace, love and having fun” thing. People during the 11th century would sing praises to God; Africans sang the blues to express their emotions during the time wherein they were enslaved by their colonizers; many singers performed at Woodstock 1969 to promote peace and love because during that time, the Vietnam war was ongoing and people revolted against the government through peaceful means, one of them being expressed through music.

But why must fans argue which group is better? Why must we bash? It’s not like I haven’t gone there though; I have, and I must say that it’s useless to argue that your opinion is more relevant than the other’s because the other party has his/her own likes, so why bother changing the mind of someone who has already made it up in the first place? You’ll be wasting your time and your words. Both parties won’t be able to have their opponents admit defeat because of our pride.

Plus, I’m very disappointed with K-Pop fans. I expected more from you guys because I used to be a K-Pop fan myself, but I outgrew that phase of mine. Yet, I bear great respect for K-Pop fans because they continue to support the bands that they love as the years go by, and that they won’t jeopardize their oppas/eonnis/dongsaengs’ reputation by getting involved with these petty arguments over which genre is better. Yes, I consider the fact that you guys are human and that you can’t just let them bash your idols but you’re giving K-Pop, in general, a bad name and worse, your idols and the fans, since you represent them. Please remember why you started loving those boy bands/girl groups, and try to relate with the other party on why they started loving this certain local boy band. Isn’t it all for the love of music? All for having fun?

I used to be an ELF (still am. It’s just that I’m not updated with SuJu that much anymore.), especially a STRING. I would argue with Only13 fans because I find their reasons for not including Henry and Zhoumi in Super Junior or even treating them as part of the group itself irrelevant, and no matter how much I tried convincing them that it’s better this way, they never wavered upon their decision. But you know what, I just let them be. Why? Because Henry told us so, and that he’s very thankful that he has fans just like us who protect him, whether in a peaceful manner or in a way that we argue that we want Henry and Zhoumi in the group too, but it’s because of those experiences of his that he was still able to keep his feet on the ground and be the kind person he is until this day.

In the end, what mattered was the music and the things that SuJu did that made me happy and made those years worth while.

So please, stop fighting already! Let’s be mature about this. Both parties, if you want to show your opponents that you’re better fans, you guys shouldn’t ruin your band’s reputation by arguing because it just goes to show how reckless you guys are, and how the band isn’t doing anything to calm you guys down. And please, appreciate the music more. By that, I mean respect their tastes, since you guys don’t know how music saved people’s lives.

I don’t know if anyone’s going to read this (I’m just writing this for the sake of expressing my feelings) but if you do, I hope we see eye to eye. If not, then you could state your problems here and if I find you interesting or worth my time to start an argument, then I’ll reply. 🙂


I just realized that yesterday was the last day for reserving slots for AdMU.


Well, it was my dream school as a child, and I guess it’s an accomplishment for me already.

Anyway, I think my mother’s too preoccupied with her new boyfriend that she isn’t talking to me anymore… I can’t even recall if she greeted me on my birthday. (Wait. I just checked my Facebook and she did.) But besides that, we haven’t had a decent conversation since the time I got my electric guitar. I really want to rant but a part of me just wants to keep it inside. She prioritizes herself; I mean, she’s cruising around the world with her friends, leaving her family behind, breathing in the Philippines. What’s funny is that she tells me that she’s going to take me to Puerto Galera and I’m like, “So you’re going to give me some bonding time with your boyfriend.”

I’m going to leave it there. Let’s just say that we act like we’re one big happy family! YEYYYYYY FAMILY HUG!!!

Sucks sucks sucks.

Anyway, I love Led Zeppelin. ❤ forever awesome!!!


So I finally got the hairstyle that I wanted. Thank goodness.

…and I see that there are people following me… hi? Um, thanks for that. I don’t really know what to say, but to be frank, I’m just here to write and I bear no intention of following others… just writing. So I’m sorry if you’re expecting me to follow back because most probably, I won’t, unless I know you personally.

Anyway, I love Led Zeppelin. I find the younger Jimmy Page handsome. I mean, his guitar skills are without a doubt totally out of this world. Led Zeppelin is now my second favorite band overall, and my number 1 favorite band when it comes to classic rock. Yup.

And no, it doesn’t mean that I’m Satanic. I believe in God; I’m a Roman Catholic But listening to Led Zeppelin doesn’t mean I practice the occult just because some of them believe in the occult or something. I just love music, which is something that God gave to us for us to enjoy, but we shouldn’t abuse it (for instances, using music as a tool to gather money through means of overpriced merchandise and concerts, etc.)


Yesterday, I had a really bad haircut.

I know this sounds overly dramatic but I wanted to cry after the haircut. After 10 minutes, I was distracted by the TV.

I wanted a short scene hairstyle, told her that I wanted it layered, choppy and sharp at the ends, so I prefer to have it cut with the scissors pointing up instead of cutting it by the side, yet she insisted on the latter. I thought that it wasn’t getting anywhere so I just paid and went out of the hair salon.

Note to self: Never get a haircut from that place ever again, and bring a picture of the hairstyle that you want. Saves time, money and energy.

On another note, have I mentioned how great Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix are? Because even though they’re high while performing, they still play the guitar very, very well. It’s really awesome. (just brought this up because last night, I was watching live performances of bands from the 60’s & 70’s and they were high as fuckkkk… and I was laughing at them. It’s hilarious.)

Will suggest the mv of “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream + Clapton, Beck & Page performing Layla, and Page was so high that he didn’t realize his amp was turned off while he was playing. XD

May I say that I had a crush on Jim Morrison? 🙂


Ever since I got my electric guitar, I’ve been thinking of songs to play, especially solos. I tend to forget the ones that I really, really should learn so I’ll be making a list of the songs that I’ll be learning throughout the summer, and other blues songs to improve on my blues.

By the end of summer, I shall go back to this post and check which were the ones I had done and which were the ones that I haven’t learned and hit myself on the head for not learning it on time.

Beat It (Solo) – Michael Jackson [ ]
Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses [ ]
The Godfather theme – Slash [ ]
Na Na Na – My Chemical Romance [ ]
Back to Black – AC/DC [ ]
Stairway to Heaven + Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin [ ] [ ]
Voodoo Chile – The Jimi Hendrix Experience [ ]

I guess that’s a lot for summer… um, so I should also practice blues, tapping, shredding, licks, the pentatonic scales, and music theories… haha. BLUES, mostly. Then I’ll start learning more Hendrix.



This is my grad gift/birthday gift from my mom. It’s a PRS SE Orianthi. Actually, she didn’t buy it abroad. When I first told her I want a PRS SE guitar, she told me that if she ever buys it and ships it to me, it might not be in good condition as it once was, so she recommended that I buy here in the Philippines. Luckily, there was one shop that is authorized to sell PRS guitars, and it was JB Music, the closest one was at Megamall. They were having a summer sale, and there were different PRS models such as the Custom 24 itself (I didn’t buy it because it’s way out of my budget and plus, I’m not that much of a pro to be swinging that ax), the SE Custom 24 25th anniversary and the SE Orianthi. At first, I wanted the SE Custom 24 2012 since it’s the latest installment of the SE Custom 24, but the people there said that I would have it ordered, if that’s the case. That’s when I thought that I’d check out the other PRS models they had there because I thought that if I had it ordered, it meant that I have to buy it without testing it.

But I tested the SE Orianthi, and it was really great. The fretboard’s made out of ebony, so the wood is smoother compared to rosewood, although the rosewood used for PRS guitars is good as well. It’s just that I find it easier to do bends and slide my fingers across the fretboard with ebony. It’s red sparkle, the 2010 edition I guess, but it was on sale so that’s a plus for me as well.

I didn’t buy it on the spot yet. I researched, comparing which is better between the SE Orianthi and the SE Custom 24 2012, and it turns out that they’re pretty much the same, except that the SE Custom 24 uses rosewood for the fretboard, mahogany for the back wood while the SE Orianthi uses ebony and Korina for the respective parts, Korina producing a similar sound to Mahogany yet not entirely. The front woods and neck woods of both guitars are Maple. Both have wide thin necks and have 24 frets, 25″.

So yes, it’s pretty much a girl’s guitar. But it’s very versatile. I was able to make it sound like Joan Jett’s guitar (which is a Gibson Melody Maker), well not entirely though. It just sounds so fucking awesome the more I adjust it in order to make it sound more “rock”. I also did some more research, and some people were able to get a Les Paul sound out of it, so I’m still figuring out how to do that. Well, I couldn’t get a Strat sound out of it, but I was able to get one that’s close. In my opinion, it’s like an LP and a Strat in the middle (the PRS), which makes it quite the versatile guitar. I even adjusted it to sound jazzy and bluesy so… yeah, I’m spazzing. Overall, the guitar’s versatile.

At first, I really wanted a Les Paul because it sounds so rock n roll (you know what I mean?). Strat is bluesy, yes, but I only love the way it sounds on guitar solos and that I prefer the Les Paul more. But when I listened to the PRS, I really liked the sound. My dad was all “Just get an LP” but when I made him listen to a demo of a PRS, he liked it. Plus, it’s not that expensive compared to an LP so we both decided that I should get a PRS instead. Even when I was trying out the PRS SE Orianthi at the music store, he really liked it.

So I got the guitar last March 22, 2013 and since then, I’ve been playing different rock songs. Btw, I have a funny story. I broke the 2nd string three days after I purchased my guitar. XD It’s a good thing I bought a pack of strings during my last visit there so my dad was able to fix it, hehe.

Anyway, it’s an awesome guitar. At first, I didn’t like the “sparkle” finish, but I’m getting used to it now, and looking at it, it actually looks nice. The only problem, for me, is the tuning pegs, since I have to tune it every time I pull my guitar out just to check whether it’s in tune or not. Well, it doesn’t really go down a whole note, but it’s loose. I’m thinking of buying locks for the tuning pegs so I guess that’ll solve the problem.