I hate it when people are like, “If you really love (insert something or someone here), then you should love (insert the stuff they did)”.

I just watched the latest Panic! At The Disco MV (their new song, Miss Jackson), and I’ve never been so disappointed in P!ATD. And I really hate it when someone tells me that this song should appeal to me if I do love P!ATD. No, I don’t love the P!ATD now. I loved the old P!ATD when everything wasn’t all pop. I think if you were a fan of P!ATD’s music style before, then you’re the true fan. Because you liked their old style. Because things weren’t so pop before. Because the songs were more meaningful in the first and second albums.

I must admit: the third album was poppy, but I loved how emotional Brendon was there, so I let it slide. But if the fourth album contains similar tunes to Miss Jackson, that’s where I draw the line. I can’t even bring myself to finish half of the video.

It’s like, when it comes to people, I’m comparing two different persons: the old P!ATD and the new P!ATD that has just completely stepped into the light. I’m disappointed because in spite of all the pop shit that was coming out of the radio, there was still good music to look forward to. Heck, I loved P!ATD because of the first and second albums. Songs like Northern Downpour, Mad as Rabbits cheered me up. Well, the first album rocked too. It was my favorite album from them, but my favorite songs from them came from Pretty. Odd. But now that Brendon’s trying to become pop as well, I’m very disappointed. I expected something more or even for them to at least sound like their first albums. Although people would say that it’s merely because Ryan and Jon aren’t there and I have to face it, NO. I’m fucking aware of the fact that Ryan and Jon aren’t there anymore, henceforth the music will never sound the same. But I’m not asking for that. Heck, even when Ryan and Jon were still there, they shifted from punk rock to folk rock. But it made a difference in my life because these songs meant something, and the feel to it is way different from the songs P!ATD makes now.

So if you’re saying that I’m not a true P!ATD fan, screw you because for years, P!ATD has been my favorite band and a true P!ATD fan would share my sentiments. I guess I’ll just stick to 70’s rock for now until a good band surfaces.



I was able to get through my first set of shifting exams in UST. YEAH!

…but I’m seriously regretting my Math grade because it’s really low, but at least I passed. I mean, I know the formulas but I can’t seem to apply them properly once I have the test paper in my hands. It’s like there’s this spirit surrounding me that jumbles up my answers at the last minute and poof! A low grade in Math.

Wishing I could get better grades in Biology and Chemistry so that they can pull my grades up by the end of the semester. HELP!!!

Anyway, my friend and I came up with something interesting yesterday. After having told me about how her mother asked God for a sign, particularly the man who gives her a Bible for a gift, and that whoever gives it to her will be her future husband. I find the idea quite interesting so she and I thought of “signs” that could be God’s way of saying “this is the person for you”… it sounds corny, but it’s fun. I won’t say what mine is (nor will I say hers). It’s only a secret between us along with God. HAHAHA :DD

But I swear, if someone gives me that thing, I’m gonna go berserk. HAHA

…just wanted to record it so that in the future, I’d still remember the sign that I asked from God. 😀


Grief stricken over what has happened today, especially when I saw my dad in that state.

Nevertheless, I hope that things will be for the better, and that we’d be able to get through this mess. As long as I’m with my dad, things will be fine. And as long as I know You’re weaving the strings to our fate, then I’d feel assured that all things will be according to Your will.

However, I must do the best that I can to help my dad in this situation, and as difficult as it is, I’m motivated to accomplish this.

I know during the past, I’ve ignored You countless times, but please help us. We can’t do it without You.


Is it me or do I find pop songs nowadays shitty and not worth my time?

I used to like K-Pop because of their catchy songs. I admit, I still listen to a few but not as much as before, and by few, it means that the recent K-Pop songs I’ve downloaded on my iPod are all by Henry Lau, and that’s it (although when I first listened to “I Would”, I cringed because I thought Henry’s voice was too high, like he’s trying to copy Justin Bieber or something, but I would prefer Henry over him. At least he composes his own songs by himself and he plays the piano, violin, guitar very well.)

I mean, what happened?

Plus, I noticed that almost all of the pop songs nowadays are based from electronics; you rarely hear a real instrument there, and the meaning behind the songs people play on the radio irritates me. It’s all shallow and they bear sexual themes that if you hear children sing the song, you’d flinch. Or laugh to yourself.

Maybe I’m being like this after having my rock phase. But pop wasn’t all bad before. It just became terrible now. I mean, The Beatles were a pop band, in a way. Although they’re also 50’s rock n roll, they were pretty much as pop as One Direction if we would go back to the 60’s. (And here we go with the “WTF THE BEATLES ARE WAY BETTER THAN 1D. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU COMPARING THEM?”) I’m just saying that they were as pop as 1d was, except for the fact that we’re in a different generation, and yes, basically, I can’t compare them but in terms of popularity, I guess. They made every teenage girl swoon over them. But of course, the Beatles were more respectable since they gave the genre “pop” a good name unlike 1D nowadays. I mean, I bet if things weren’t different, I wouldn’t like the Beatles as much as 1D. Although I appreciate 1D’s efforts for being cute (but bias aside, I think 1D has a group of boys who can actually sing. They’re good singers but their songs… yeah.)

The Yardbirds became pop as well when Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page took over, but it wasn’t as pop as it is now. And pop has become rubbish. Music undergoes change, yes, but pop is taken for granted in the name of fame and fortune. One pop song about sex could provide the singer with more than a million dollars due to people constantly downloading his/her song on iTunes and then they become famous… for a while.

But as shallow as their existence in the music scene is, these so-called pop artists may not become remarkable in this generation because they never pioneered something, and most of the things they’ve done is based on technology, and they’ve merely dabbled on a few instruments. Their fame is temporary; their spark isn’t bright enough to light up an entire room.

…and then there’s hip-hop, rap and all those crazy shit.

It’s times like this that I wish I’m able to go back to the 70’s.


Survived my first month in college. Achievement!

And I’m happy to say that I can play the introductory solo in “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin. YEAH! Well, it’s a big deal for me since I love the band and I think that song is really awesome and yet totally underrated. Although I have to admit that I can’t play it as well as Page, along with the right emotions. 😦

So far, college is fun. One of the perks of being a freshman is that you can start with a new thing, though I still remain in my comfort zone because obviously, it’s where I’m most comfortable in, if you haven’t noticed. Being that introvert over there, as always. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Society thinks it is, then they start asking what’s wrong with the person.

Judgmental much?

It’s a good thing only a few people manage to view this blog or else I’m screwed big time. HAHA.

Anyway, I’m just going to write this down to remind myself of the reality I belong to: Never expect something good out of something because you’ll just be disappointed in the end (with regard to… you know what I mean).