So P!ATD has this new song called “Miss Jackson”, and the chorus goes like: Miss Jackson, are you nasty?

Whenever I hear the chorus, I remember this:

you are my nasty love. you have me completely in your car. i know & feel that if i am to run anything fine & noble in the future, i shall do so only by fishing at the nuns of your heart. I would like to go through life femur by femur with you, flicking you more & more until we’re stoned to be seven beings together until the hour should come for us to laugh


I know this is so 4 or 5 years ago, maybe longer. But now’s not the time for me to get over RyDon. I know I’m deluding myself, to think that there might still be a link between them, that spark that they used to have would return. But this is reality: Brendon’s now married to Sarah, Ryan’s off to run his own miniature zoo and it really sums up to life.

Romance is definitely momentarily.

Btw the one quoted is called “a love letter” which Ryan and Brendon did when the band was still together, particularly while promoting the second album.



I noticed that this blog of mine has become a blog wherein I post more of my sentiments regarding music rather than my personal life.  This post will be about how Fall Out Boy made a huge impact in my life and how their music helped me get through high school.

Alright. So I remember hearing Fall Out Boy for the first time, when Infinity on High was first released when I was in, let’s say 4th or 5th grade — This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race. At first, I wasn’t really into the song because my taste in music back in 5th grade sucked. I didn’t really get to appreciate it until I was in 3rd year high school, and that’s when I realized that when I get older and have kids, I will expose my kids to good music so that they won’t experience what I’ve gone through (ignoring good music due to my lack of knowledge regarding good music and also, commercialized pop music that has taken over the minds of the youth nowadays, turning them into zombies.) And of course, one of the bands that I’ll let my future kids listen to will be Fall Out Boy. Although back then, I loved the Infinity on High album. The songs were rad… one would say it’s different from their previous album, From Under the Cork Tree. I just can’t put my finger on it–maybe it’s because IoH is more upbeat compared to FUTCT, with songs that could be classified as “emo rock”. Nevertheless, the songs of these albums helped me. Once again, due to my ignorance back when I was in grade school, I didn’t realize that 2006 was probably the best year of rock in the 2000’s.

Anyway, when Folie a Deux came out, I was really excited to listen to the songs and once again, I was blown away by Fall Out Boy’s awesomeness. Little did I know that they’ll be on hiatus for the next… four and a half years. The wait was long, and I was losing hope so I resorted to commercialized pop music (unfortunately) and /sighs. I remembered being bullied back in 7th grade and the song that helped me get by was Fall Out Boy’s “I Don’t Care”, and the words “The best of us can find happiness in misery.” It was only in 3rd year that I downloaded the entire album of FUTCT and IOH after being led astray, when I started to like Panic! At The Disco (and hate myself for being so blind, or deaf in that matter, for not realizing how awesome this band is).

So in my junior year, I went through an FOB phase. HAHA.

I don’t usually have a “your favorite (insert name of band here) song”. Usually, I’d post my top three faves. So my top three favorite FOB songs as of now are:

1. Sugar We’re Going Down
2. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race
3. America’s Suitehearts (I guess i could relate to the part when it goes “I’m in love with my own sins” haha).

But my favorite FOB mv would definitely be A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me. Loved the vampire concept. I guess Stephanie Meyer got the idea from you guys, you pioneers. :))

So why am I spazzing about Fall Out Boy out of the blue? It’s because they’ll be holding a concert here in Manila, and I bet right now, they’re having press conferences in different venues (malamang) etc, and I won’t be able to watch their concert BECAUSE I don’t have a concert buddy. /sighs I want to go to Trinoma for their meet and greet event, and I’ll try to do so! :O

So yeah… I’m breathing the same air as Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy are. :”> #fangirl