I love sunny days. I love that warm sensation I get when its rays touch my skin and I’d feel it all over. I’d wish that it’d last throughout the day, and sure it does, but it gets stronger, and I hate standing under the sun at 2PM or 3PM. That’s the hottest time of the day. But with the right blend of the sun’s warmth and the cold breeze, I’m off to a great start.

But don’t you find it peculiar? Not in a scientific way, but more of a philosophical way. Science has a way of explaining the phenomena of things, but it couldn’t find the right words to describe why these things are in place. Say, for example, depression. Science has figured out the hormones and the factors responsible for the behavior, yet we can’t do anything to prevent this. Because it feels like it was already decided a long time ago that it’d happen, regardless of whether you have depression or not–whether your hormones are maintained or the environment you’re in is just simply depressing.

I’m probably not making sense right now. To be honest, I want to express my disappointment in someone in a subtler, more literary way but since whatever I type here’s pretty incomprehensible, I guess I’ll just vent it out then.

When days filled with sun and warmth occupy your thoughts, you forget the rain. You forget the cold it brings, the gloom it holds and the promise of stench. And you’d always look forward to tomorrow’s sunrise because of the former. But then, it rains… lasting for weeks. Floods emerge and electricity has already been cut off, and you’re alone in a house. You start to see things differently. You realize that each day is a surprise that has yet to be unraveled, and I don’t mean it in a positive way. When you see two sides of the weather, you ask yourself if it were possible to contain two opposing forces in a jar. Overall, disappointment overwhelms you. You knew that it was going to rain.

You just didn’t expect it to be this terrible.

^ Mainly this talks about how you wanted things to turn out differently even though the odds seem like they’re against it. But it still ended up like that. Now, you feel bad about it.

Anyway… moving on to the brighter side of this blog (a crack of light in this dark cave),

Today, I had my practical exams in Health Care Lab. I’m hoping I’ll get good grades to make up for the previous one. I woke up at 1 in the morning for that. Hahaha.

Heart poached.