25 Things About Myself.

There was this one time that I made this list of 25 things about myself 5-6 years ago, and rereading that post made me realize that people DO change, or in my opinion, one’s unique nature slowly reveals itself through time; people never change, there are just different shades to them that you just didn’t see.

I guess it’s necessary to go through those events in my life, no matter how painful they are or how elated they made me feel. This is really out of the ordinary, but thinking about it, if I were to reread this list five years from now, I wonder what would have changed by then: would I learn to see life more positively or become a prune that wrinkles in bitterness?

Anyway, I guess I’m starting a ritual for myself.

1.┬áMy father named me after the 1995 movie, Sabrina, where Julia Ormond played the role of… guess who. He was a fanboy, even learning about photography after finding out Ms. Ormond was also a photographer. The point of naming me Sabrina was that I was going to become this classy, sophisticated lady by the time I’m in my 20’s. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I can tell you I’m in my awkward phase right now.

2. Pink is my favorite color. Purple and blue goes as follows.

3. Currently pursuing a degree in BS Occupational Therapy in the University of Santo Tomas. Before that, I took up high school in St. Paul College, Pasig.

4. I’m a couch potato. I eat and eat and eat then sleep.

5. I’m a music geek. I’m into indie rock and rock n’ roll. I play the guitar and some keyboard.

6. I write fanfics.

7. As a child, I wanted to become a nun when I grew up. Back then, I liked to think that I was kind and God-fearing with my whole heart. I was quite idealistic back then. Right now, I don’t even consider myself joining the nunnery.

8. I always wanted to pursue acting but I never had the chance to do so.

9. I’m an INTP, according to the Myers-Brigg personality test thing (can’t remember accurately the name of the test).

10. I love dogs. I have one named Bogey, a black Pomeranian/Japanese Spitz.

11. I have this dream of owning a clinic wherein one wall is covered entirely out of Legos, and kids can just place blocks over there.

12. I went to a Super Junior concert… twice.

13. I can be rational, delusional, emotional, and mental. It all depends on the time of day.

14. I can’t ever bear to finish Hachiko and Toy Story 3 without crying halfway (which is why I avoid these movies as much as possible).

15. I don’t like chocolates with nuts.

16. I’d pick seafood over beef, pork, and chicken.

17. Coffeeholic. Nuff said.

18. Led Zeppelin and Panic! At The Disco changed my life.

19. I overthink.

20. I have trouble expressing my emotions, which is why at times I tend to procrastinate them until it becomes too difficult to handle and it comes crashing unto me.

21. I’m afraid of the dark.

22. One of my dreams is for G.R.R.M. to grant rights to whosoever wishes to create a movie/series on Robert’s Rebellion, and become Lyanna Stark there. Just because I want to end up with Prince Rhaegar somehow.

23. I watch anime. My favorite anime of all time would be Rurouni Kenshin.

24. I guess I get pissed off very easily, and I’d really show it.

25. Sarcasm is my way of humor. This is apparently my weakness, since a lot of people think that I’m serious and angry at them because of how I speak sarcastically almost always, but I really was trying to lighten up the mood and make people laugh.

So yeah. That’s basically it for now.

PS: I got a high grade in HC1L YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!