So far, there were two days in January which I found remarkable due to the joy that it has brought upon me (as well as the humiliation).

First was when I was off to get a physical examination for NSTP. It’s to certify that I’m well enough to travel, and I was planning to get a check up a day before the deadline at Health Services. Why, you may ask? Because I found it more convenient, since it’s just a walk away from the condo I live in. Plus, I don’t frequently go to the doctor since I’m broke. I wanted to contact Ate Kristine, a doctor who’s been friends with my cousin, Ate Tessa, since high school, but thinking about how I’m suddenly dropping by her office without a heads up, I reckoned I was being rude so I decided not to.

So there I was, heading to the Health Services, roughly an hour before PE starts. I walked in and asked the doctor to fill out the needed areas, such as weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, if there’s anything wrong with my brain and other body parts. Then the doctor in charge tells me that I hadn’t finished my laboratory examinations and told me that I finish these first before signing that physical examination form. I WAS LIKE o.O

To top it all off, she even gave me a 50% discount on urinalysis, fecalysis and CBC EACH. I was speechless, because I didn’t even have the money for┬áthose tests and I already did my urinalysis, so why wasn’t it in my medical file? I only needed a doctor to fill out the report. If I had a serious health problem, I would’ve entrusted some documents to them, or even better, consult a private doctor, but no.

I wanted to shout, “…but I’m just a student! I can’t afford this.” Frustrated, I walked out of the Health Services building and headed to PE class.

Feeling hopeless, I contacted my fairy godmother to see if she could help me find a doctor who could fill out my physical examination form. Back then, I didn’t care whether I submitted it late or not, because it was ridiculous of the school to expect us to give a medical report within a week’s notice. However, thanks to my fairy godmother, I was able to get my form filled out by none other than *drum roll* Ate Kristine!! =D

Better yet, she had clinic hours at UST hospital on D-Day, so I was ecstatic. I was able to submit it on time and it felt like the world was by my side that day. (I’d like to thank Ate Tessa and Ate Kristine for giving me what I needed in such a short notice. Love you guys.)

That happened on the 21st. Now, I shall write here the events that transpired on January 29.

It all started when I walked past Narcissus (just a code name) by the hallway. I used to like Narcissus until I found out that he was an egotistical, self-absorbed, pompous pig when I saw him play a certain sport he’s supposedly good at, and believed the opinions of him coming from a few friends of mine. I reckoned he may have recognized me since we’d see each other in the building at times, but the once most embarrassing encounter was when I was running late for an exam and I was sweating like crazy, as he happens to walk past by me, and we glanced at each other, but by then I stopped liking him, and probably by then he realized that I may have been infatuated with him (UGH NOW I’M NOT).

So I walked past him, and he noticed me, so he turned his head and all. I was gloating to my friend about this, and how awesome I looked back then. Kind of like “This is what you’re missing~” but right when we were talking about him, he appears out of the blue, talking to someone over the phone (probably his girlfriend) and I was struggling to keep a facade and f f f f f f I freaked out and ran to the classroom.

Smooth, Sab.

Now he thinks that you like him. But you don’t.

You effing don’t.


But the good thing about today was that 1.) I saw mysterious, outspoken, bearded Jewish med student and 2.) I borrowed money from my friend to buy this book stand, which was made by persons with disabilities. We listened to the inspiring story of Mr. Rene and we admired how he has kept an optimistic viewpoint in life and his resilience ever since his injury. He’d keep on emphasizing on an injury as something that doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals, and focus on your assets and hope for a better future. I was all smiles back then, thinking that I’ll be dealing with patients like Mr. Rene, and as much as possible, I’d want to create an advocacy here in the country that promotes the well being of persons with disabilities, and his story has inspired me to pursue a worthwhile project in the years to come.

I am grateful for these. I hope I’m able to make a difference in some people’s lives. I really wish I did.



First post in 2015 among the other posts that are bound to surface sooner or later in this humble blog of mine.

So updates for my future self when I decide to look back on my life and think about how boring and sickeningly uninteresting this part is… my cousin found me a place to stay near my school so I wouldn’t have to spend 3 hours everyday commuting, and so that I would actually have time for studying because, I don’t know, the gods have upped their scale and challenged us to do 7-7 classes four days a week, which would make you question your sanity if you’re still commuting 3-4 hours a day by then, if you ask me.

Hmm, what else? I gained weight? Psh, I guess 10-15 pounds would be exaggerated, but then again I’d like to avoid the weighing scale right now.

I got interested in video games… which is sort of a double sided sword for me since I don’t have a game console and I mostly rely on gameplays/walkthroughs on yt, which isn’t enough for me. I’ve been interested in Silent Hill lately, also Outlast and Amnesia. I’m planning to watch The Evil Within soon, but as of now, I want the entire Silent Hill series.

Along with that, I’m also reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and boy, oh boy, I’ve never been so interested in a book in a very long time. This book got me hanging by the edge of my seat. So far, I’m halfway through ACoK and I really want to read ASoS soon, since I won’t be having that much time when school starts. Seven hells.

I’ve met people too, I guess? HAHA.

I was going to write something extremely foolish here but good thing I decided not to! =) I make time for it, I guess, but it just happens. (Not the randomness, geez).

So I guess that’s it for now. Here’s to a (hopefully) remarkable and legendary year.

I want to make a difference this time.