So finally, the end of the semester has finally approached. And now, my grades have been shown to us. Although there’s one subject that’s missing, I’m utterly grateful for the results. Deep in my heart, I am rejoicing, for I asked, and He heeded my wishes. All this time I was wandering aimlessly, hoping that whilst I was, I would discover something, but truth be told I failed to do so, and it was crippling, until I decided to lean to Him and let Him take the lead, as I have had enough.

He never fails.

Anyway, so a few things about my results that I would want to share.

1.) I got a 2.75 in Physiology Lab, which is quite remarkable for me, since I knew that my quiz scores and written reports were all over the place. I was expecting a 3, but they granted me with a 2.75, which was more than I could ask for, so cheers for my professors there! Woo! ♥

2.) SCL9 = 1… which is actually funny, because I recalled this quiz wherein my professor told us to list 5 reasons why a Church wedding was much better than your other weddings (beach, garden, civil weddings, the like…) and I justified my answers by saying “Oh, it’s because it’s a huger place and it has brighter colors because of the windows… plus, since it’s embedded in Filipino culture that having a Church wedding will put you along with the in crowd if you’re one of those Titas of Manila sorta clique, and God will be there to bless the marriage!”

Yes, I got an uno regardless.

3.) No PhysioLec grades yet… but hoping for at least a 3. PLEASE.

4.) I’m slightly disappointed with my PSYCS grade.


Okay… that’s about it for my grades. As for an update regarding my life (not for anyone to read though… this is supposed to be a secret blog after all, and supposed to be for me to read in the future when I’d feel nostalgic and sentimental, to remember this time of my life OK GETTING TO MY POINT)…

I’ve recently become interested in classical music. Ever since I finished watching Nodame Cantabile for the millionth time, I decided to listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, amongst others. Then I began listening to them while studying, as they help me focus. And I have my favorite concertos and sonatas so far, but since their names are so long for me to remember, I won’t write them here for now.

And the stalking ensues. Real talk though (and I’m writing this down because I want to be completely honest with my feelings, though I bear the hopes of these feelings to disappear for I do not find any benefit from them either now or the near future) I’ve grown to like the idea of him, though I know what he’s like. This is bad, I know, and I’ve been diverting my attention from it. I do my best to avoid him, to avoid these thoughts, but it’s not going to work. What I’m doing right now is to accept the fact that I somehow care even though I’m not supposed to, because this isn’t going to end up very well.

So next semester, I will be taking up major OT subjects which will really mark the beginning of the end.

And I watched Star Wars VII… and I must say it’s amazing, except for the fact that Han Solo died in the end because, ugh it’s Harrison Ford (kya!). I hate Kylo Ren. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR OWN FATHER UGH? I mean, Luke did that, but you know, he did it for the light side of the force, not for the Sith my goodness!!

*fingers crossed* I hope we still have PT profs for Ana2 you guys rock ok uh huh.

Off to search for more classical music for my iPod.