I just watched Love in the Moonlight, and let me say this… Park Bo Gum is amazing. Plus, I find him so handsome and adorable that I can’t help but swoon. I also made him my phone lock screen just because. I feel like I can write stories again because of him, but then again, I’ve lost touch with writing, and I’m finding it a bit difficult to return. Sighs.

Anyway, 10 more days before school begins. The thought of it terrifies me a bit. I would think about how I would turn out to be as an intern, and I could imagine myself losing face in front of a group of people and not being the therapeutic medium that they deserve. At least, in the psychiatric setting.

But I am trying.

I guess I should’ve just taken PT. I prefer the physical dysfunction aspect of OT.

Anyway, on the brighter side of things, I got myself free glasses woooooo~ benefits of having friends yaaaas.

Anyway, dammit. I’m totally inspired to write thanks to Park Bo Gum but everything I write turns out to be shit. What to do.